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Griffin Report issue sampleRadar has its roots in publishing and is well equipped to serve its clients with a turnkey custom publishing solution involving writing, research design and production. Our services run the gamut from complete custom magazines to magazine inserts or "advertorials" focused on a particular industry theme.

Many clients with publishing properties publish both in print and electronically on the web. Creating a single brand identity for your custom magazine, newsletter or advertorial not only makes sense but is increasingly a requirement. With our web and print design and publishing experience, we are ready to help you expand your publishing niche into profitable new areas.

The Radar Publishing Network

Our network of writers and designers have worked closely with major magazines and publishing companies such as TechTarget and Electronic Business on behalf of major sponsors such as Microsoft to produce these issues. Many are done in combination with white papers and other fulfillment deliverables available for download on the web. When needed, Radar is also available to help manage advertising sales for these issues and to handle general business development.

Check Radar's 2018 editorial calendar for information about client web and print publishing projects that may offer your company an editorial opportunity.


"Whether it's a case study, white paper, or a feature article, Radar consistently delivers quality content, on time and on target."

Julie Campagna,
Senior Media Producer