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iSkoot Flash AnimationAnimation can play an important role in helping your website better explain the benefits of your products and services. While companies can overuse animation or use it inappropriately, we believe that great design and animation can be a powerful tool--particularly for reinforcing your top business messages or to help explain a complex product offering.

Why Animation Makes Good Business Sense

Many of our clients create and sell sophisticated products, including business software, life science/healthcare appliances and Internet networking solutions. For them, getting their message across quickly before readers lose interest is a challenge. We know how to meet that challenge and can do the same for you.

Truth is, web readers often spend precious little time on your website or any other. An interesting and informative 2-3 minute product overview that drives home your product's top business benefits can capture mindshare otherwise lost to competitors.

Flash animation and other forms of web animation add interest and appeal to your homepage. Helping prospects to quickly understand what market you're in (and how you can help solve their business problems) can spell the difference between 5 seconds on your homepage or a more extended visit.

Flash banner ads are today's bread and butter for cost-effective web advertising. Having a professional and unified look and feel that spans all of your web advertising can create a single brand image that translates immediately to your bottom line.

Why Use Radar for Flash or other Web Animation?

There are many resources available for design and animation, so why use Radar? Because what we offer our clients is both top quality design and illustration services. Our Flash illustrator is an award-winning graduate of the New England School of Design who also happens to be an accomplished cartoonist in addition to Flash expert. We can help with your content and messaging, and make sure whatever we create fits in well with your existing sales and marketing materials.

Animation Services Offered

Radar's experienced team of Flash illustrators, animation and copywriters can add value to your website in the following areas:

  • Homepage messaging banners
  • Product overviews and demos (including script writing and story boarding)
  • Flash banner ads
  • HTML5 and CSS web animation adds (work well on smartphones, iPads and other devices)
  • Tradeshow booth signage
  • Rotating customer and press/analyst quotes on websites

No matter who designed your current website or how it was built initially, call Radar Media to discuss how it can be enhanced with animation.

Call Us Today to Discuss Your Web Animation Requirements

A good animation will pay for itself many times over in terms of generating new business. To find out more about our Flash design services, please call us at (781) 721-1910 to discuss your company's needs. Meanwhile, click the links below to see samples of our work.

Flash Animation Samples from Radar Media Group

iSkoot Blackberry product demo

NewRiver Flash banner ads

NewRiver corporate tradeshow presentation


"People are very impressed with how slick and professional our new site looks, and that it gives us a 'big company' look even though we're small."

Aaron Sherman,
Marketing Director