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January 2016—We started the year strong with the launch of a new site for Corsica Partners. A strategic executive search and consulting services company in the Boston area, Corsica is growing quickly and has been responsible for senior executive placement at such top companies as Keurig and iRobot. Built on a responsive framework for ideal display on desktop, smartphone and tablet devices, the site is found here: http://corsicateam.com/.

June 2015—Among the many projects we completed this month was the launch of a new website for FreshPath Consulting, a long-time Radar client and IT consulting firm in the Boston area.  In addition to the design and development of the site itself, the project included the latest logo we designed for the company and a new template along with refreshed content for FreshPath's primary "call to action" on the site. This is a white paper called "Can You Afford Not to Have a Software Road Map?" 

May 2015—One of the largest, most feature-rich client sites ever launched earlier this month. The company is called Listen, Inc. and they are based in Boston. Listen offers a whole line of test measurement software that runs on PCs, and much of their business is international -- namely, in Asia, where so many electronic products are manufactured. Hence the multi-language support on the site: English and Chinese. Check it our here: www.listeninc.com.

April 2015—Live in the New England area and looking for a good insurance broker? Wilde Insurance, based in Winchester, Mass., is our latest site to go live this month. The new site utilizes the latest responsive design techniques and looks well, runs great on devices of all sizes, including smartphones -- handy for clients who need to reach owner Allan Wilde when their cars break down at nights and weekends. You can see the site here: http://wildeinsurance.com/.

March 2015—Several web projects that began in the fourth quarter of last year came to fruition this month and last with the launch of new sites. One of these sites is Four Seasons Greenery, a Boston area supplier of office plants, decorative containers, flowers and related services. Fittingly for a site like this, we included one of the largest selections of photographs we've ever featured on a site, all organized into interactive photo galleries found on most inside pages. Here is one example: Weddings and Special Events.


"People are very impressed with how slick and professional our new site looks, and that it gives us a 'big company' look even though we're small."

Aaron Sherman,
Marketing Director