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May 2013—This month we find ourselves deep in the middle of ongoing new website development as well as extensions of existing sites with new features. On the new site development front, we're about halfway through the design and development for WAVE Equity Partners, a cleantech venture capital firm in Boston. WAVE's approach to sustainable solutions is unique in the cleantech sector, and we're enjoying working with the company as we hone the new site to reflect how and why it's better. The new site should be live by summer.

March 2013—Under development for three months, our new website for Mirror Image launched this month. Based in Tewksbury, Mass., Mirror Image is a leading provider of highly scalable online services that speed up delivery of rich media like video and music over the Internet.  Its clients are based all over the world.

November 2012—We launched a new website for Wilmington, DE-based CMC this month. CMC, which stands for Collections Marketing Center, came to us with an older site that was difficult to easily update by the marketing department.  We fixed this by building the new site on a modern content management system, and also designed the site for ease of use. Most importantly, we created a new homepage that quickly, at a glance, conveys exactly what the company does -- and what kinds of companies it serves as clients.

July 2012—Just goes to show not all of our clients are biotech, high tech or financial services. In a bit of a departure for Radar, we just launched the new site for Blessid the Movie, an indie film  from local writer and producer Bob Heske. And guess what? We had a lot of fun designing the site and adding all the features you might expect from a cult classic in the making--including a built-in blog, live social media widgets and a way for fans to participate with donations. The site doesn't give away too much by way of the plot, but it will certainly pique your interst as the days count down to filming this fall in our fair city, Boston.

June 2012—Long-time Radar client Covaris Inc.'s website went live this month. Covaris is a biotech equipment and supplies company with a unique set of products that utiilize ultrasound to mix compounds in a completely non-invasive way. This leads to greater sample quality and ultimately scientific results. The company has been growing very fast for the last few years and we kept the old site growing right along side it, making many changes over time. But the core design really needed a reset and we got the chance to do that earlier this year, creating an all-new look and moving the site to a modern content management system in the process.


"People are very impressed with how slick and professional our new site looks, and that it gives us a 'big company' look even though we're small."

Aaron Sherman,
Marketing Director