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December 2014—Lots of end-of-year activities are underway as we help our clients close out the year with their marketing materials. Several new website designs are ongoing and still under wraps, but we launched a new site for RM Nephew and Associates earlier this month. A number of design and functionality features  that we put into place for this Boston-based executive search services leader make this site stand out.

May 2014—Several new sites are currently under construction here at Radar, so we can't disclose just yet what we are preparing to launch. That said, we did complete a number of interesting assignments for existing customers late last month, including a design and content overhaul of the Team pages for long-time client Osage Partners.

March 2014—Early this month we launched a new site for Minding Your Mind, a Philadelphia-based organization dedicated to helping teens and young adults deal with stigma often associated with mental illness. Our goal was to create a bright and attractive site that would appeal to both young people as well as parents, teachers and other adults who want to learn more about helping them. A key part of what MYM does is its educational speaker program, which we wanted to feature prominently on MYM's homepage.

January 2014—Our first new site of the year launched yesterday, and it's for a new client in the competitive intelligence space. McNulty & Associates, based in Groton, MA offers an interesting "Price to Win" service where it predicts for clients what the likely price will be for winning a government contract. It's a lucrative field, to be sure, with all the government defense work coming out of Washington.

October 2013—Late summer and early fall were as busy as ever for us, culminating in the design and launch of two new websites over the last few weeks. Our very latest client site, which went live late this month, is for SystemExperts, an IT consulting boutique in the Boston area with a strong emphasis on security services. Meanwhile, in late August, we launched an all-new site for a venture capital client in Boston called WAVE Equity Partners. WAVE is a private equity firm that invests in sustainability technologies that have the potential to transform multiple industrial and/or geographical markets. (As advocates of renewable energy ourselves, Radar Media is particularly fond of the WAVE business model.) 


"People are very impressed with how slick and professional our new site looks, and that it gives us a 'big company' look even though we're small."

Aaron Sherman,
Marketing Director