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April 2012—Genesis HR Solutions, a provider of outsourced HR services for small to midsize companies, came onboard as a client in November of last year. Our first assignment was to design a new identity and logo for the company, which until this month was known as "Genesis Consolidated Solutions." We designed a series of potential logos for the newly-named company, Genesis HR Solutions, and a final design was chosen in January of this year. At that point we began work on a complete website redesign project, using of course the new logo and color scheme as a start. This month that new site went live.

The redesign showcases the new logo of course, but the spotlight falls mainly on the company's highly satisfied customer base. The "Customer Stories" section is particularly effective as it uses video to let customers speak in their own words about their businesses and how they use Genesis for HR services. The site is built on a modern, open source content management system which enables Genesis to post new content, including blogs and news stories, without any outside assistance.


"People are very impressed with how slick and professional our new site looks, and that it gives us a 'big company' look even though we're small."

Aaron Sherman,
Marketing Director